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Fire systems

Learn more about fire systems and services which our company offers in this direction …

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Surveillance and Security Systems

To find the desired surveillance system please read more …

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Fiber-Optic Cable Installation

For any kind of complex networking. Includes all stages: Network Designing …

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CCTV surveillance systems

For maximum safety, we offer relevant video camera surveillance for any kind of facilities through the up-to-date technologies and modern installation techniques.

Fiber-optic cable

Fiber optic cable is used at a long distance other than electric cables because it loses less information.

Smart House

The Smart house offers a high technology system connecting to a smartphone and enabling to control your house from far.

Fire security systems

We offer a wide range of fire safety systems which are integrated with different systems. Correctly selected and installed fire systems are vital and therefore, we choose a concrete system only after getting acquainted with the architectural structure of a building.

IT Services

IT services include systems and network integration, as well as the introduction, support and development of program, this all contributes to uninterrupted work of your work.

Server rooms Installation & Design

For company, the server room is the point of completing  for all the necessary cable equipment, telecommunication equipment and all the necessary cables for this system. We offer following services: server network equipment and cabinet, installation of mounted floors, fire safety systems for fire rooms, video monitored and authorization systems, controlled conditioners for servicing rooms install.

Internal network

Internal system for office spaces or residential flats.


Within the projecting service it is possible to get various catecories of servicies.  namely: Drawings, Budgeting, Defining Product, MC Composition and etc.

GSM systems & networking

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) services is a standard collection of applications and features available to mobile phone subscribers all over the world.

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