Georgian Telecommunication was founded on 6 June 2017 by large Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson’s employee, who has working experience in   TURK TELECOM, TURKCELL and AVEA and other companies with same profile.

In the field of electric, mechanic and communications the company aimed to carry out such important activities, as planning, installing and post-installation services of small, medium and large scale projects.

Georgian Telecommunication has already gained trust on the Georgian market and cooperated with such big companies as  BP,   Maqro Construction,   TAV Construction,  TAV Georgia,  Enka,   Dorce,    Worley Parsons,  Borusan CAT Georgia,    Turkish Airlines.

Through the experienced and successful staff, with the ability of teamwork, reliable technique and quality products, besides general standards we offer individual solutions to each individual requirements it means difficult engineering decisions as physical persons as legal entities.

  • Mission

    Facilitate and improve the everyday life of human-beings through modern technology.
    100% protect their life and property.

  • Objective

    Provide stable growth and expansion of partner companies’ portfolio.
    create maximum conditions of safety and comfort fort for organizations and people.

  • Priorities

    • Products of the world's best manufacturer companies
    • Provide safe, fast and high quality service.
    • Using Innovative Technologies.
    • Personalized customer service
    • Providing services across the whole territory of Georgia and beyond, Provision of spare devices and regular technical checking after the exploitation

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