Fire detection systems are divided into two main categories:


Ordinary systems

This type of system is considered as the most simple form of fire system. They are used only when it is necessary to determine the potential fire area of the fire. Requires a relatively low budget and is used for small objects (Such as houses, shops, offices)


Fire systems with analogous addresses

Fire systems with analogous addresses are modern types and they can alert the signal together with the fire signal. Verification refer to the cases that cause a false alarm, For example:  smoke, temperature increase (caused by different reasons).


Smart fire detection systems

In smart fire detection systems detectors are  identified pointly, so in case of fire signal it is possible to discover the coordinates of the coordinates with absolute precision. These detectors permanently deliver the panel information about the location. The speed guarantee in this case is much larger. Smart systems evaluate the accuracy of information itself. It is used in large buildings, especially where there are many numbers and types of equipment.