Smart house

The “smart home” service will allow you to take your living environment to a modern standard.


   Safety system control

Remote control intended for modern security systems allows you to feel safe    in the current environment.


   Magnetic contacts

If you use a magnetic contact service, you receive an SMS message when          someone is entering the room.

   Motion sensors

The system will be turned on the movement in the house and will inform          you immediately by the phone call.

   Fire System & Smoke Detector

In case of fire in the home or in the office, you can get instant information.      In addition, the system will automatically notify the appropriate staff about    the incident.

   Gas detectors

In case of gas piping, the system fixes the signal and block gas. The system      also informs the security guard or the homeowner.

   Water detectors

In case of water leakage, the system will automatically discharge water and    inform you.

   Lighting control

If you forget to turn off the light, you will not have to worry, because you can control light from the phone through a smart home.

  Curtains control 

You can manage curtains across the entire home or office with a push or mobile phone.